You speak to millions, but you’re talking to no one*

In principle, mass communications is a simple concept; if you have a message that you think a lot of people need to hear, you broadcast it to everyone at the same time. But in reality, it’s most often based on what you need to say, not what the target audiences need or want to know. Sure, most brands make an effort to create the message in a way that is creative and appeals… Read More

The Beauty of Simplicity

The latest shiny new toy on the smartphone market is the Apple watch. Joining its predecessors, it splashes onto the screen by revolutionising how we gesticulate, interact and understand the world. It has created a whole new way of communicating with a watch simply with light tapping movements or applied pressure, gentle rotations of the side dial, and voice commands and control. The REAL magic of Apple products is not in the technology. Each… Read More

You Compute Me

Let me start off with a confession: In my entire life, I have never used a dating app or a dating website. Of course, I am now a happily married man, but I have been single in the internet era. Yet, I never saw the appeal in meeting women online. (I did develop a very simplistic matchmaker program in computer class in high school, back in the 80s. But that’s a story… Read More

Taking Social Currency to the Bank

Using social media for marketing purposes can be hit or miss. If you get it right, you can attract thousands of followers, engage them in conversation, be a hero, go viral, sell lots of your product, and generally be seen as a likeable brand. But if you fail, best case scenario is that you end up being ignored. Worst case, you create animosity towards your brand, where people boycott your products, refuse… Read More

Killing me softly (with technology)

I love ads. I enjoy scrutinising, analysing, living and breathing them. Like any human being, I am a sucker for inspirational, sappy and humorous ads. My all time favourites? Ads with cats. To me, ads are everything. They are the only piece of news I remember, the only form of viral I know. I love them, both print and digital, out-of-home or delivered right to my inbox. But lately, I’ve been getting increasingly annoyed by… Read More