Introducing the Acoustic Chope Card™: All (makan) rights reserved.

For those of you who haven’t heard, we have been celebrating Singapore’s delectable food culture with Hawker Thursdays, a weekly lunch date where we invite anyone to join us as we savour the huge variety of hawker cuisine near and around Raffles Place. However, as anyone who has lunched in the central business district during peak periods can attest to, trying to find unoccupied seating for a company of 5 while precariously balancing a tray… Read More

#hawkerthursday Every Thursday at 12.30

Every Thursday, Acoustic celebrates the diverse food culture of Singapore by having hawker lunch. Most weeks, you’ll find us at Lau Pa Sat, but every once in a while we venture out to another centre. We invite everyone to to join in, wether you are a client, a friend, a family member, work for a competitor or just someone who likes to eat good food with nice people. Send us an email… Read More