Why I don’t Believe in Digital Anymore

Through the past 20 years, digital media has played a bigger and bigger role in marketing communication. But for those twenty years, we’ve treated it as something different than everything else. We’ve had digital agencies, digital experts, digital this and digital that. I myself have worked in digital agencies as much as I have worked in traditional agencies. But now, it’s time to make a change. I don’t believe in the myth… Read More

The Gentle Art of Being Nimble

Process, process, process. It seems to be all agencies talk about these days – including us here at Acoustic. And yes, the bigger picture approach of (digital) transformation, business development and creating connections through ground-breaking communications is important. But that doesn’t mean it’s the right answer for every problem. It could be the opposite. Sometimes we all just need to get things done. The beauty of a boutique agency is that it allows… Read More

From Slowdown to Fast-track

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong has warned that Singapore may face economic slowdown in the coming years, or even worse, a downturn. And there are a few things, worse than the haze, looming over the skies of Singapore. According to The Business Times, Mr. Lee points to globalisation and advances in technology as two of the challenges the island state is facing, where old jobs are disappearing and it’s taking time to… Read More