We Build This City

Singapore celebrates its 50th birthday this weekend. Needless to say, many brands have jumped on the bandwagon to leverage the nation’s significant milestone with their SG50-related marketing campaigns. This is not unusual; we see the likes happening everywhere else on occasions or events the likes of Cyber Monday, Superbowl, Ramadan, etc. However, doing something generic and linking it loosely to the occasion – in this case SG50 – doesn’t do much for marketing. In… Read More

The Age of Authenticity

I’m not going to pretend to be a political commentator or an election expert. However, I do find it interesting what seems to be happening in politics on a global scale, and it reminds me of what is happening in branding. In politics, we are seeing a rise of candidates whose only contribution is being perceived as “real” or authentic if you will. Donald Trump is at the moment the front runner… Read More

How to Connect with Communities

How many people in Asia are interested in, say, gardening? Not that many? How about politics? Or cars? Airplanes? Music? Cooking? A few? Thousands? Millions? Maybe even billions? Let’s just agree that there are more people interested in specific arts, cultures and hobbies than one would think. Thanks largely to the internet, smaller communities can organise themselves across borders and regions, connect and collaborate and exchange ideas and experiences. In fact, many… Read More

Netizens Are People Too!

“Netizens”, a constructed noun that describes the online citizen. A person who has an opinion about something that is posted online. It’s a word that is primarily used by the traditional press in Asia (especially in Singapore and China). But the question is, who are these “netizens”? Are they internet trolls? Are they anarchists? Are they the anonymous opinion? Are they commentators? A mob? Are they the “morality police”? Or can I… Read More

The Agency Employer of Choice

Anyone who has ever worked in the agency world knows that it can be hard work and stressful. How many times have you heard folks lament that they’ve put their heart and soul into the work and the company they work for, but in the end, it’s churn and burn, churn and burn on repeat mode? And when they are burnt out eventually (no guesses there), it is “next please” for the… Read More