Why Brands Don’t Need an Advertising Agency in 2015

Today, anyone working in marketing, whether it’s for a big global brand, a mid-sized regional company or a small up-and-coming local brand is trying to create connections with their audience – or build experiences. So if they are looking for a marketing partner, they will probably call a pitch for an advertising agency. It’s what is seen as the safe thing to do, after all, advertising agencies are the “experts in brand… Read More

The Rise of the New Creative Class

In branding and advertising, creativity is considered the key to differentiation. Creativity is looking at the world from a different angle, and coming up with something that people engage with. It’s making something trivial interesting, creating something new or turning common beliefs upside down. It’s unexacting. It touches nerves. It evokes discussions. It makes people feel something. And it makes people do something. Creativity is what distinguishes the amazing from the dull. It is… Read More

13 Industry Trends You Can’t Afford to Ignore

We talk a lot about how communication has changed from the Mad Men era until today’s digitally driven consumer interaction. But what’s next for this industry that many of us love (and a lot of us love to hate)? I was recently asked to write a few slides on where our industry is headed, so I thought I’d turn it into a nice Buzzfeed, ahem, Business Insider, ahem, Campaign AsiaPacific article. Most… Read More

Last Call for Digital Transformation!

In the past two decades, the digital landscape has grown from an interesting niche channel for geeks to becoming the most powerful driver of financial growth for most brands and industries. Yet, there still are many brands that haven’t been able to capitalise on the digital culture in an effective way. There could be many reasons for this. They may not have gotten around to it yet. The brand could be generic in… Read More

Digital Centric is The New Integration

Integration has been the Holy Grail for agencies and clients alike for at least two decades now. It has been seen as the way to create a communication platform that allows all media channels to work together, and helps the agency networks facilitate cooperation between their different specialist agencies (especially digital). Unfortunately, this thinking is flawed from the start. Integration, in the traditional sense, doesn’t work. Period. On one hand, it is… Read More