Join Erik Ingvoldstad for Social Media Storytelling Workshop in Singapore or Hong Kong

Acoustic’s Managing Director, Erik Ingvoldstad, is leading practical 2-day workshops in Social Media Content Strategy in February 2017. The workshop will give you great insight into content and social marketing, and help you improve the quality of your social media marketing efforts. The workshops will be held on 20-21 February in Singapore, and  23-24 February in Hong Kong. As a client or associate of Acoustic, you may be eligible for a special discount. Please send an email to to find out more.



Part I Strategic Content Development
In this section we look at how to create a plan that fits within the overall strategy of the company, and learn how to plan for high ROI.

Session 1: Content Marketing and Consumer Journey
Learn how to put creativity and storytelling at the heart of digital communications, and how we can use it in social media channels and content marketing.

• What is content marketing and what is social media marketing?
– What are the different types of content and social media?
– Opportunities and hurdles in content marketing and how to overcome them
• Identify milestones and goals to achieve business objectives
• Understanding target audience
– How have consumers and their expectations of brands changed?
– How to determine the unique needs of audiences
– Mapping out the consumer journey to find out relevant touchpoints to engage them

Discussion: What are some examples of great storytelling in social media marketing?
Session 2: Strategic Direction and Media Strategy
Discover how to develop, manage and maintain content across social media platforms to build up brand presence and reach your target audience.

• How can context make our strategy more relevant?
• Utility vs. Entertainment: What are the valid strategies in content marketing?
• How to manage different channels and keep the same voice?
• Traditional to online: How is the voice and content different?
• Practical tools to come up with a social media strategy

Hands-on: Developing an overall content strategy
Part II Content Creation and Storytelling
We dive into the use of words, visuals, sounds in storytelling to connect and engage with people both rationally and emotionally.

Session 3: Creative Concept – Copywriting, Visuals and Videos
Create original, engaging content that resonates with your audience

• Elements of a Compelling Story
– How do we go from strategy, via creative idea to a great story?
– How can we ensure the idea works and spreads?
– Adapting global ideas to the local/regional markets to better engage audience
• Writing Stories
– What is the ideal length and format for different platforms?
– How to match your tone and style to the audience’s voices?
– Production and publishing tools for efficient storytelling
• Imaging and Graphics
– How can we use images and graphics in an effective manner and to evoke emotions?
– What are the different ways of creating or finding visual content?
– Imaging tools and platforms
• Video Content
– Comedy vs. drama vs. documentary vs. reality
– How to manage short attention span of audience?
– Video scripting, production and publishing tools and platforms

Case studies: Inspired creative content ideas from around the world
Hands-on: Writing exercises with critiques and feedback, creating a story board

Session 4: User Generated Content and Social Media Channels
Establish a two-way communication with your target audience and plan for a social media strategy to power your communications.

• Interactive Content Marketing
– How to get target audience to generate and contribute content?
– Building ground up momentum to kick start a collaborative approach
• Channels and Platforms
– How do we create content across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram?
– Writing digital stories and how to write for blogs
– How to adapt similar content for different platforms?
– Understand how different media channels apply to different demographics

Hands-on: Scheduling social media, scheduling digital content and blogs
Part III Implementation and Measurement
We find out about how to roll out your content strategy to reach a wider audience and measure the results effectively.

Session 5: Planning, Scheduling and Execution
This session is about building a sustainable plan for social media engagement.

• Project Planning
– How do we budget for content and social?
– How can we plan efficiently?
• Production
– How do we execute our plan?
– Paid vs owned vs earned media
• Content Calendar and other Tools
– How to plan a social media calendar
– Using third-party cross-platform publishing tools
Session 6: Measurement and Analytics
We evaluate content strategy across different channels and learn how to translate them to meaningful and actionable metrics for reporting.

• Metrics for Measurement
– Identify relevant KPIs to measure and evaluate effectiveness
• Measurement Tools
• Reporting ROI and other KPIs
– Going real-time
– Measuring integration

Hands-on: Creating a seeding and measuring plan
Session 7: Summary
The final session will focus on summarising the workshop in a very practical way.

• What have we learned?
• How can we put this use in real life?
• Three things to remember
*Topics will be covered with hands-on practical exercises & case study examples..

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Erik Ingvoldstad is the Managing Director of Acoustic.
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