Private Digital Transformation Workshop for your Business

Are you ready to disrupt your industry, or are you waiting for your current or new competitors to disrupt you? If you are ready to face the challenges head on, we have a great opportunity for you.

This private Digital Transformation workshop, led by renowned communication and digital specialist, Managing Director Erik Ingvoldstad from Acoustic, is tailor-made for your business. It is a highly strategic workshop, with practical exercises to reach actual results. The workshop includes preparations, workshop facilitation and a preliminary report. The workshop lasts one day, and can either be conducted at your office location, or at an external venue (at additional cost). It is a great way for you management team to fully understand Digital Transformation, the cultural challenges and possibilities in today’s society, identify the challenges your industry is facing, and come together to discuss the opportunities of tomorrow by creating a culture of innovation.

The workshop costs S$ 3,500.00 plus GST. Any external venue booking or travel expenses comes at an additional cost. Attendance is limited to 10 senior executives from the organisation. Call us today at 8420 9200, or email 

Erik Ingvoldstad is the Managing Director of Acoustic.
Follow Erik on Twitter @ingvoldSTAR, follow Acoustic at @AcousticAgency



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