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Our blog is one of our most important outreach tools, and it gives us an opportunity to share what we as an agency and marketing professionals believe in. Luckily, the articles seem to resonate well with the readers as well. We have seen some pretty high readership numbers – and shares on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Some of the articles are hardcore marketing articles, some are more playful, but they all carry an opinion and hopefully some useful advice. If you’ve missed any articles, here is an opportunity to read our five most read posts of 2015, starting with the clear winner:
1. 5 brand personalities no one wants to hang with. By Nicholas Tang (May 21, 2015)
The great digital party is in full swing, and everyone (I mean EVERYONE) is invited. Across social media, blogs, video sharing and mobile platforms, consumers and brands alike are hitting the massive, glorious dance floor we call the Internet, where the line between the personal and commercial space is blurred beyond distinction. Read more.
2. Killing me softly (with technology). By Howie Wong (May 25, 2015)
I love ads. I enjoy scrutinising, analysing, living and breathing them. Like any human being, I am a sucker for inspirational, sappy and humorous ads. My all time favourites? Ads with cats.
To me, ads are everything. They are the only piece of news I remember, the only form of viral I know. I love them, both print and digital, out-of-home or delivered right to my inbox. But lately, I’ve been getting increasingly annoyed by the incessant use of technology in lieu of creativity in advertising, and by how it is lauded for being smart/groundbreaking/game changing/cutting edge. I am especially concerned with the fact that the social media is blindly giving thumbs ups to any ad featuring drones, virtual reality, digital billboards and the like. Read more.
3. Will the Real Singapore Please Stand Up. By Erik Ingvoldstad (June 2, 2015)
How do you like Singapore?”, “Oh it’s nice, love the food, fantastic shopping and I love/hate the weather. But I do think it’s a bit boring.” Sounds familiar? It’s pretty much what most western tourists would say about Singapore if they’re asked. Actually, even quite a few expats would describe Singapore in a similar fashion. But does that make it true? Is Singapore a boring, unimaginative and bland place where bankers come to live in luxury condos with helpers? Is it true that Singapore is “not really Asia, more a western state that’s located in the East”? If perception is reality, maybe it is. But maybe, just maybe, Singapore is what you want it to be? What you believe to be true? Isn’t your perception of any country you visit or live in really a reflection of yourself? As Forrest Gump so brilliantly stated, “stupid is what stupid does”. Well, the same applies here, “boring is what boring does”. Read more.
4. The Age of Authenticity. By Erik Ingvoldstad (August 24, 2015)
I’m not going to pretend to be a political commentator or an election expert. However, I do find it interesting what seems to be happening in politics on a global scale, and it reminds me of what is happening in branding. In politics, we are seeing a rise of candidates whose only contribution is being perceived as “real” or authentic if you will. Donald Trump is at the moment the front runner for the Republican party in the US primaries. In fact, some polls put him ahead of Hillary Clinton in a head-to-head match-up. He’ll (probably) never win, but it is interesting to see why he is popular amongst American voters. Read more.
5. Why I don’t Believe in Digital Anymore. By Erik Ingvoldstad (November 27, 2015)

Through the past 20 years, digital media has played a bigger and bigger role in marketing communication. But for those twenty years, we’ve treated it as something different than everything else. We’ve had digital agencies, digital experts, digital this and digital that. I myself have worked in digital agencies as much as I have worked in traditional agencies. But now, it’s time to make a change. I don’t believe in the myth of “digital” anymore. I don’t believe in the idea of digital as a standalone tool that has nothing to do with other communication channels and sits outside the business’ core strategy. It’s time to see digital for what it really is, a crucial integrated platform to create engagement, drive results and spearhead innovation. Read more.

These articles represent some of the 44 posts we’ve done so far this year. The rest can always be accessed through our archive. Maybe you’ll find a gem that you’ve missed? Check it out here.



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