From Slowdown to Fast-track

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong has warned that Singapore may face economic slowdown in the coming years, or even worse, a downturn. And there are a few things, worse than the haze, looming over the skies of Singapore. According to The Business Times, Mr. Lee points to globalisation and advances in technology as two of the challenges the island state is facing, where old jobs are disappearing and it’s taking time to… Read More

The Untitled TV Title Piece

I like branding exercises where you get to demonstrate the success rate of brand names. My favourite game is to project success rates of TV shows based on their title in relevance to their (perceived) quality. What does this have to do with branding, you ask? Everything. First and foremost, a TV franchise is a brand in itself. Just look at “The Simpsons”, “Friends” and “Sex and the City”, three successful shows… Read More

The 5 New Competitors to Watch Out For

Back in the day, knowing who your competitors were, was easy. If you sold paint, your competitors were other companies who sold paint. If you sold accounting services, other accountants would be your competitors. But the world isn’t that simple anymore. Sure, your main competitor will still be from your core industry, but there will be a whole host of others. As businesses and industries are shook up by financial turmoil, by… Read More

Marketing for Startups

A startup can be a magical place. The energy, the enthusiasm, the creativity and the sense of changing the world makes it a very exciting place to be. But as anyone who’s ever worked at a startup knows, it can be bloody hard work. Customers aren’t queueing up outside your business to buy your product or service. Investors aren’t throwing money at you and governmental organisations aren’t waiting for you to save… Read More

To Complain or not to Complain. That’s the Question.

Most issues are not black and white. There are at least two sides to each story. So on the topic of Singaporeans and their fondness for complaining, we are covering both sides. First, Erik Ingvoldstad makes the argument that the complaints are a good thing, whilst Hoong Wei Ling has a different view. Please note that no punches were thrown during this discussion. Erik Ingvoldstad: I don’t think I’m going to surprise… Read More