My Love-Hate Relationship with Creative Trends

Last week, I attended a seminar at Getty Images by trends expert Rebecca Swift discussing the biggest visual trends today. It is good to see that commercial photographers are creating work based on current technology trends and cultural shifts. For instance, how we are starting to see more of the point-of-view compositions which have been greatly influenced by the popularity of GoPro cameras and remote-controlled drones, and as a big step towards… Read More

Did Anyone Order a Startup?

The traditional client-agency/consultancy relationship, which has been in place since the dawn of the marketing industry, has many benefits. It makes for a manageable and controlled relationship, where the client provides a brief, and the agency executes. It works well for campaign based activities as well as predetermined and/or finite projects. But what if your challenge is to go through a Digital Transformation? Or you want to inject new technology into your… Read More

How to Fix Customer Service

Every time I experience (or read about) a bad customer service experience, I am baffled. Not because I and other customers should get whatever they want, but because businesses don’t seem to understand the consequences of bad customer experiences. They don’t seem to grasp that whatever happens at the customer service centre or on the customer service hotline directly translates into good or bad marketing. It translates into positive or negative word… Read More