Netizens Are People Too!

“Netizens”, a constructed noun that describes the online citizen. A person who has an opinion about something that is posted online. It’s a word that is primarily used by the traditional press in Asia (especially in Singapore and China). But the question is, who are these “netizens”? Are they internet trolls? Are they anarchists? Are they the anonymous opinion? Are they commentators? A mob? Are they the “morality police”? Or can I… Read More

Syntax Error. The Failure of Traditional Integration.

Mergers and acquisitions have been the building blocks of the modern agency networks. In the past decade, it has mostly been about catching up with the digital age, and therefore trying to secure the best digital agencies out there. Personally, I seem to go through several stages of feelings about these acquisitions when they happen. First, I tend to get excited. “Perhaps”, I think to myself, “this time it will result in… Read More