Introducing the Acoustic Chope Card™: All (makan) rights reserved.

For those of you who haven’t heard, we have been celebrating Singapore’s delectable food culture with Hawker Thursdays, a weekly lunch date where we invite anyone to join us as we savour the huge variety of hawker cuisine near and around Raffles Place. However, as anyone who has lunched in the central business district during peak periods can attest to, trying to find unoccupied seating for a company of 5 while precariously balancing a tray full of smouldering claypot rice can be an incredibly challenging experience, to say the least.

Thank goodness for the “Chope” factor.

For those who are new to Singapore, let us initiate you into the world of Choping: You walk into a hawker centre or food court, and immediately, you spot plenty of vacant tables despite the swelling masses who walk right by in their search for seating. Are they blind? Why don’t they just grab these seats right here? Well, look closer my friend, and you’ll see that these spots have been already been claimed, Choped with packets of tissue paper placed prominently upon the table tops and seats. Ingenious!

No one can accurately pin down the history of “Choping”, but this uniquely Singaporean practice of placing everyday items such as tissue packets, business cards, or even the occasional smartphone(!) to “Chope” a spot has been documented as far back as in the 1970’s.

This year, in celebration of Singapore’s 50th birthday, we pay homage to this integral part of the hawker dining experience with our very own Acoustic SG50 Chope Card – a waterproof, reusable card that slips into your wallet or pocket. Never again will you be caught without something on hand to mark your territory as you scour the stalls for some yummy food.

We’d love to be your lunch kaki!

But how do you get your hands on one? It’s easy. All you have to do is join us on Hawker Thursday for some good food and good company, pop in for a meeting or drop us an email to ask for one (limited to first 50 requests). Simply send us an email at, visit our Facebook Page or tweet us @acousticagency to chope your spot today!

Check out #HawkerThursday on Twitter and follow us on Instagram for our latest food expeditions.

[Main image courtesy of Jia Nong Coffee Stall, #03-06, Market Street Food Centre, 50 Market Street]



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