How to Connect with Communities

How many people in Asia are interested in, say, gardening? Not that many? How about politics? Or cars? Airplanes? Music? Cooking? A few? Thousands? Millions? Maybe even billions? Let’s just agree that there are more people interested in specific arts, cultures and hobbies than one would think. Thanks largely to the internet, smaller communities can organise themselves across borders and regions, connect and collaborate and exchange ideas and experiences. In fact, many… Read More

5 Ways to Go from Digital Passive to Digital Active

The simple banner ad has created a lot of success online. But also a lot of misery. Today, most users avoid banner ads, pre-rolls and other passive display media as the plague. Ad-blockers are becoming increasingly more popular, even Apple are opening up for ad-block features in Safari on iOS 9. Ad skipping (TrueView) has been available on YouTube for 5 years. Still, many advertisers continue to use passive display as a… Read More

9 Mistakes Marketers Keep Making

We all make mistakes. Some of us more than others, it is a natural and human thing to do. Most mistakes are easy to identify, some are easily rectified and others are just to be ignored. The most important thing is to learn from those mistakes, and move forward. But there are some mistakes that seem to happen over and over again. We may be aware of the mistakes, but mostly we… Read More

Introducing the Acoustic Chope Card™: All (makan) rights reserved.

For those of you who haven’t heard, we have been celebrating Singapore’s delectable food culture with Hawker Thursdays, a weekly lunch date where we invite anyone to join us as we savour the huge variety of hawker cuisine near and around Raffles Place. However, as anyone who has lunched in the central business district during peak periods can attest to, trying to find unoccupied seating for a company of 5 while precariously balancing a tray… Read More

Grey pride: Rise of the true silver surfers

This may come as a surprise to many, but I must say that the most engaged users of platforms that I personally know of are my older relatives. And it’s not even close. Every morning, a quick check of my phone shows at least a couple of WhatsApp notifications from the family chat group, discussing current affairs or sharing a funny story. Likewise, their social­ media feeds are amongst the most active,… Read More