What’s in a Name?

Since the opening of the Acoustic office in Singapore, we have been asked “why Acoustic? Why did you choose a name from the music and sound universe?” (Or something to that effect). Most people recognise it as a great name, but are also curious why we chose a name that doesn’t sound like an agency. So for all those who wonder, here is the real story behind the name.

We set out to choose a name that would be representative of who we are, is easy to pronounce, was available as a URL, is serious and irreverent at the same time, and unique, yet familiar. As with any naming process, we went through tons of ideas (which I won’t bother you with here), and landed on Acoustic.

Our initial write-up for Acoustic was: “Unassuming. Real. True. Can be heard. Acoustic is both low tech and high tech at the same time. Origin; Greek. From akoustikós, auditory – of or relating to the sense of hearing.”

We thought that was pretty cool. As we have developed as an agency and grown into the name, we usually add that it’s about listening, something you can see in our strategy model. We spend a lot of time listening to our clients, to consumers and to other stakeholders, so how sound travels is both highly relevant, and keeps us focused on the art of listening (as opposed to the art of talking). Another interesting thing, which relates to “unique, yet familiar” is the fact that the word acoustic is rarely used on its own. We say “acoustic guitar” and “acoustic music”. Of course, sometimes “acoustics” is used (as in the acoustics of a room), meaning the science of sound, but almost never just “acoustic”.

The juxtaposition of high tech and low tech is also important. We are a digital centric agency with a strong focus on applied technology. But mostly we’re about connecting with people, and that is a more tactile and analog set of skills. So although we are always plugged in, we’re also very much unplugged.

Later, as we developed our logo with the help from our friends at Bold Stockholm, we brought in the subtle sound waves to accentuate our listening approach.  Sound waves travel, just like our ideas. Sound waves are heard, just like our philosophy. And most of all, sound waves generate feelings, much like what we do for our clients. Now, we have the unity of a name and a logo that truly represents who we are and what we stand for.

So there you have it. The reasons we are proud to be Acoustic!


Erik Ingvoldstad is the Managing Director of Acoustic.
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[Main photo by Travis Wise, under CC]



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