#8TrackFriday – June 5, 2015 – Erik Ingvoldstad

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Music is the most powerful emotional connector in the world. And at Acoustic, we love music. We may not always agree between us what the best music is, but we are certainly passionate about the artist we love and follow. Music is highly shareable, and best when it’s enjoyed together. That’s why we are introducing #8TrackFriday – a Spotify playlist from one of the Acoustic team members, one of our clients or one our friends.

Every Friday, there will be a new list available on spotify/AcousticAgency. The only rule is that we share 8 tracks that means something to the contributor of the week.

Listen with an open mind, enjoy – and maybe, just maybe, you’ll discover something that you hadn’t heard.

If you would like to contribute, please send your list of 8 tracks to info@acoustic.agency.

First contributor is our MD Erik Ingvoldstad (honestly, he chose himself!)
Here is what he has to say about the list:

I am a passionate music lover. Most music I listen to is on the heavy side. However, I have made an effort to make the list more accessible for those who are not into heavy metal, thrash metal, speed metal or punk rock. But just slightly. Play the list through, and feel free to say if you love it or hate it in the comments field. – Erik


Erik Ingvoldstad is the Managing Director of Acoustic.
Follow Erik on Twitter @ingvoldSTAR

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[Main photo by Bill, under CC]



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