#8TrackFriday June 19, 2015 – Mårten Ekenberg

We continue our #8TrackFriday, today with Strategy Director, Mårten and his celebration of the skinny tie, the mullet and pink shirts. A true ode to the 80s:

“So, this Friday it’s my turn to compile a playlist of 8 tracks. Quite a challenge, considering my taste in music is fairly diverse, ranging from Black Metal from the darkest woods of Norway to those hairy guys that came out of Madchester in the 90s to Taiwanese ballad divas to quirky Korean girl groups performing amazingly synchronised choreography wearing moped helmets to Neo-Classical Icelandic piano composers. To mention a few of my favourite genres.

I figured that I had to set a theme for my list, to make the assignment easier (or possible?) to complete. So that’s what I did. And, I call this theme “Music that is – our could be – from the 80s and has a bassline that is extraordinarily intriguing”.

Bon appétit.”


Mårten Ekenberg is the Strategy Director of Acoustic
Follow Mårten on Twitter @martenekenberg
[Main photo by Bill, under CC]



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