The Agency Employer of Choice

Anyone who has ever worked in the agency world knows that it can be hard work and stressful. How many times have you heard folks lament that they’ve put their heart and soul into the work and the company they work for, but in the end, it’s churn and burn, churn and burn on repeat mode? And when they are burnt out eventually (no guesses there), it is “next please” for the… Read More

What’s in a Name?

Since the opening of the Acoustic office in Singapore, we have been asked “why Acoustic? Why did you choose a name from the music and sound universe?” (Or something to that effect). Most people recognise it as a great name, but are also curious why we chose a name that doesn’t sound like an agency. So for all those who wonder, here is the real story behind the name. We set out to… Read More

#8TrackFriday June 19, 2015 – Mårten Ekenberg

We continue our #8TrackFriday, today with Strategy Director, Mårten and his celebration of the skinny tie, the mullet and pink shirts. A true ode to the 80s: “So, this Friday it’s my turn to compile a playlist of 8 tracks. Quite a challenge, considering my taste in music is fairly diverse, ranging from Black Metal from the darkest woods of Norway to those hairy guys that came out of Madchester in the 90s to Taiwanese… Read More

You speak to millions, but you’re talking to no one*

In principle, mass communications is a simple concept; if you have a message that you think a lot of people need to hear, you broadcast it to everyone at the same time. But in reality, it’s most often based on what you need to say, not what the target audiences need or want to know. Sure, most brands make an effort to create the message in a way that is creative and appeals… Read More

#8TrackFriday June 12, 2015 – Hoong Wei Ling

We continue our #8TrackFriday, today with Senior Account Manager, Wei Ling and her Progressive Trance list, made especially for that weekend run: -This is my first #8TrackFriday for @AcousticAgency and the irony of it all is that I just lost my fav pair of running shoes! 🙁 But that’s a story for another day… I am a long distance runner and Progressive Trance keeps me going. These #8tracks were handpicked by me and… Read More