The Rise of the New Creative Class

In branding and advertising, creativity is considered the key to differentiation. Creativity is looking at the world from a different angle, and coming up with something that people engage with. It’s making something trivial interesting, creating something new or turning common beliefs upside down. It’s unexacting. It touches nerves. It evokes discussions. It makes people feel something. And it makes people do something. Creativity is what distinguishes the amazing from the dull. It is… Read More

#hawkerthursday Every Thursday at 12.30

Every Thursday, Acoustic celebrates the diverse food culture of Singapore by having hawker lunch. Most weeks, you’ll find us at Lau Pa Sat, but every once in a while we venture out to another centre. We invite everyone to to join in, wether you are a client, a friend, a family member, work for a competitor or just someone who likes to eat good food with nice people. Send us an email… Read More